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Image by Omar Al-Ghossen

How to set up an online appointment:

  1. Click on the self-scheduling link.

  2. Select New Patient if you have never been a patient at Flourish Pediatrics.

  3. Select the correct visit type (see below).

  4. Complete your insurance information.

  5. Enter the code texted to your phone in order to complete the scheduling process.

  6. An email confirmation will be sent.

  7. Prior to your appointment, you will receive a notification to confirm demographic information, sign forms, and pay your copay.


Please call the office at 470-500-6844 before you schedule your visit to verify your insurance.

Visit Types


  • Newborn Exam-New Patient - The baby’s FIRST visit since leaving the hospital after being born.

  • Well Child Check/New Patient - A yearly check-up of a patient that has never at FLOURISH Pediatrics.

  • Well Child Check/Established Patient - A yearly check-up of a patient that has been seen at Flourish Pediatrics.

  • Sick Visit New Patient - A sick visit for a NEW patient that has NOT been seen at Flourish Pediatrics in the past.

  • Sick Visit Established Visit - A sick visit for a patient that has been seen at Flourish Pediatrics in the past for any reason.

  • Follow up 15-A - A visit to follow up on a previous sick visit, ER or urgent care visit or follow up visit for a previous concern addressed in the office.

  • Telehealth visit - A visit done virtually. This can be a follow up to an approved medical problem, ADHD follow up, simple medical concerns/problems. These visits must be approved by the staff. You will fill out a REQUEST for an appointment and get a confirmation via text or email if approved. 

  • Vaccine visit - a COVID vaccine visit for children age 12 and up (we will have the COVID vaccine for children 5 and up soon, please stay posted).


*If you do not see the correct appointment type, please text the office at 470-500-6844